A company that dreams of the future with its Customers


We started as a PCB repair company in 2007 and expanded our business to introduce SMT production lines and purchase parts in 2013.

In addition, based on the know-how accumulated in the wide business area, the company established a research and development department in 2020 to plan and conduct research and development of products together.

We have established Total Solution Service, which can cover the development, design, parts purchase, production, and repair of electric and electronic products after continuous expansion and efforts, and we expect synergy effect with existing businesses due to the company’s technological prowess and increased competitiveness.

In addition, in order to secure the technology and competitiveness of next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), electric vehicles, and semiconductor equipment, we are trying to develop and produce materials defect detection equipment using artificial intelligence and cameras, rechargeable electric equipment in secondary batteries, and precise control boards of gas valves in semiconductor production processes to establish ourselves as a leading group in the same industry in line with the advanced technology.

We will try to provide higher levels of solutions to our customers in the rapidly changing development and production sectors.

We ask for your continued interest and encouragement in the future.

Thank you.

looking forward to tomorrow more than today.
All executives and employees of Repair Korea Co., Ltd.